Everything Commerce HUB(CBT Center) is the core infrastructure
for innovation of Cross-Border-Trading .

CBT center is innovated by providing functions as logistics service that used to be the key factor in traditional warehouse for Cross-Border-Trading,
CXM by creating PIM (product information management), POM (Product Operation Management), showroom function by B2B wholesales, and brand incubating for retail and mono.

HUBs in Mega Cities

Currently, MXN Commerce operates 6 nations, 7 Megacity Hub. Each Mega city HUB develops its sourcing power for potential brands as well as sales capabilities from other cities.


Functionality of HUB

At EverythingCommerce HUB(CBT CENTER), 10 functions are located in organic way, through this location provides for us to prepare the period of IOE (Internet of Everything) in EverythingCommerce

  1. Platform Office
  2. WMS on ICS
  3. VPL
  4. Image Center
  5. Maker Space
  6. Co-Working Space
  7. 3C+ OPS
  8. Showroom
  9. MRM
  10. Depot Store

X3 CBT Service

MXN provide Aggregator Service, which can be categorized as below