KOLOR SHWRM is the module for initiate/strengthen /develop its relationship with brands.

KOLOR SHWRM creates new opportunity by innovating from traditional showroom business, by EverythingCommerce HUB, MINT order, and MINT Sales service, which has a very strong basement of online import/export mechanism.

Brand Relationship

Kolorshowroom, located in each MEGA CITIES, builds up Contract based rights with brands, as well as support its brands to grow in the market through EverythingCommerce HUB, MINT Order, and MINT Sales service.

Kolor Shwrm

Showroom business is the traditional wholesale format for brands to enter the market, however Kolorshowroom innovates its traditional showroom business. It supports not only Korean brands but Asian, global brands to participate Tradeshow in NY since 2015. Through this tradeshow, Kolorshowroom plays key role for brands to be introduced successfully into the market, as well as to keep boosting its sales directly to customers through localized online marketplaces.